Monday April 10, 2017

Arecont Vision’s MicroDome Cameras Offer Cost-Effective Surveillance Solutions

Watching one broadcast of the local nightly news in either Tulsa or Oklahoma City demonstrates how much of a necessity it is that business owners install a reliable surveillance system on their property. Sadly, security systems are now essential for every business.

But how do you choose the best surveillance system for your particular business? At Mac Systems in both Tulsa or OKC, we can evaluate your property’s specific security needs and design a custom security system to best fit those needs. And by staying on top of the latest developments in surveillance technology, we can provide you with the most reliable and most cost-effective security solution possible. For instance, one of our vendors recently released a new surveillance camera that offers numerous security and cost benefits.

Arecont Vision®, a leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras, recently announced a new product in its favored MicroDome® camera series – the MicroDome Duo. How can this new camera provide enhanced security for your Tulsa or OKC business?

Cover more area with less. The new MicroDome Duo is “an extremely compact and advanced twin sensor omnidirectional camera,” Arecont Vision noted. With two user-configurable sensors in one compact housing, this camera allows you to view two directions at once, thus giving you more coverage while lowering operating costs by covering areas that would normally need two single cameras.

“MicroDome Duo reduces the number of cameras required for a wide range of applications by providing high definition video of two areas at once, and its many, installer-friendly features cut down on installation time and expense,” said Sanjit Bardhan, Vice President of Sales, Middle East, Africa, and India (MEAI) for Arecont Vision.

This camera is perfect for covering long hallways or corridors from either the center point or at the corner of the room and capturing detailed images in both directions. The MicroDome Duo would also be ideal for ATMs or POS terminals or the entrance of a building.

“The additional sensor can also be used as a “secondary camera” for capturing extra-detail in an area of a scene, such as the need for perfect facial recognition at a building entrance,” Arecont Vision added. “MicroDome Duo cameras deliver comprehensive coverage and forensic detail, all without the need for an operator to direct them or the propensity to be facing the wrong way as is common with PTZ cameras when an incident occurs.”

Both sensors in the MicroDome Duo have independent modules that feature remote focus and are mounted on 3-axis gimbals, which provide an exceptionally wide range of motion.

Utilize an innovative, low profile design. While using two sensors, the MicroDome Duo offers a compact, lightweight, low profile design to provide unobtrusive surveillance. The MicroDome Duo is 4” wide by 6.5” long and the MicroDome series single cameras are only 4” in diameter installed. Just a single PoE IP connection is needed for the MicroDome Duo, thus reducing wiring time and expense, Arecont Vision noted.

The MicroDome series flush mount cameras feature a spring arm design that allows the camera to secure itself in drop ceilings without the need for external hardware. The MicroDome Duo surveillance camera’s design also offers easy upgrading possibilities and advanced protection against cyberattacks.

At the core of MicroDome Duo is an Arecont Vision FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) integrated circuit. Arecont Vision cameras are designed and built in the USA to run an in-house developed, Massively Parallel Image Processing Architecture (MPIPA) on the FPGA. All core features and technologies are developed by Arecont Vision, allowing installed cameras to be upgraded with new capabilities, thereby extending the useful life of the device,” Arecont Vision noted in a recent press release.

By employing the unique MPIPA architecture on the FPGA, Arecont Vision cameras do not require the use of common operating systems. This approach eliminates the risk of a cyber hacker repurposing an Arecont Vision camera for use in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) robotic actions or other increasingly common cyberattacks,” Arecont Vision added.

Capture images in a wide variety of lighting and weather conditions. The MicroDome Duo camera is designed for indoor and outdoor use with “rugged, tamper-resistant, die-cast aluminum housing” and “two polycarbonate dome bubbles that are both IK-10 impact-resistant and IP66 weatherproof rated.”

The MicroDome Duo series can also tackle problematic lighting conditions with ease using its “integrated, dual, day/night mechanical IR cut filters.”

“For applications with strong backlighting, reflections from wet flooring, streets or puddles, or contrast due to fog, mist, or glare, optional Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) equipped 4- and 6-megapixel models are also available. Built-in CorridorView™ technology provides better coverage of hallways, corridors, and other narrow spaces without wasting pixels on unchanging areas,” Arecont Vision noted.

The MicroDome camera series also boasts several other features that make it the ideal surveillance solution for a wide range of applications including SNAPstream (Smart Noise Adaptation and Processing) technology, pixel binning, casino mode, integrated microphone capabilities, and more.

The innovative design of the MicroDome series with its incredible surveillance features - all in a compact design that’s easy to install - makes it the perfect choice for many Tulsa or OKC businesses. The new MicroDome Duo offers even more versatility and cost-effectiveness while enhancing security and is a great addition to this series. Call the business security experts at Mac Systems today to find out how this leading-edge surveillance system can help protect your Oklahoma business.

(Photos by Arecont Vision)