Friday March 17, 2017

Benefits of Wireless Alarm Monitoring in Oklahoma

Oklahoma weather – it’s unpredictable to say the least.  As we move into the spring storm season, most Oklahomans are familiar with the precautions we need to take against these unpredictable storms. But one area businesses need to consider regarding storms is how their company’s fire and security alarm monitoring system works. Will the alarm monitoring system be reliable in the event of storm? If your company has MacNet Wireless Monitoring in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, you can confidently answer yes! Why is that?

Reliable Radio Communications

MacNet operates on a standalone, private mesh radio communications network that uses radio frequencies specific to our hardware to transmit signals wirelessly. This mesh network operates on a redundancy of multiple signal pathways to ensure the signal always reaches the central station.

Thus, these radio signals can either go directly from the subscriber to the central station or they can “hop” through a network of subscribers to find the fastest route, and this signal will keep “hopping” until it receives a confirmed delivery at the central station. This “hopping” is by no means slow. MacNet signals reach the central station in 2 seconds or less.

A Weather-Proof, Standalone System

Because our communications network uses private radio signals instead of landlines, Internet, or even cellular communications, it can stand alone and is not vulnerable to damaged power lines, power surges or outages, weather-related problems, accidents, or natural disasters. So, using MacNet alarm monitoring, your Tulsa or OKC business will still be reliably monitored, even in the event of severe weather.

As a standalone system, MacNet is not dependent on any third-party services or their performance and functionality. Thus, your business will not be subject to any third-party monthly fees and won’t have to worry about technological sunsets, expensive upgrades, or other infrastructure changes that could cost your business and disrupt service. You are in control with MacNet and not dependent on any other communications system.

Local, Single-Source Provider

As a locally owned and operated alarm monitoring company, we can provide everything your company needs to remain safe. We can design and install all aspects of your fire and security systems and simultaneously monitor each system with MacNet. You don’t have to worry about multiple providers integrating multiple systems. Mac Systems can take of everything as your single source solutions for fire and security.

The MacNet system itself requires little installation time with no cabling or IT involved. Thus, it allows businesses to immediately open or gain a certificate of occupancy faster. MacNet is NFPA 72 compliant and UL Listed. It is approved for use in primary and secondary alarm signaling.

As a Tulsa and OKC alarm monitoring company, Mac Systems provides the most personalized and reliable customer service possible. We know the area, the local fire and police departments, and we understand the unique needs of an Oklahoma business. We’re your neighbors, so we’re always here to help. If there’s an issue with your fire alarm or security system, we offer 24-hour emergency service and can handle all your systems’ maintenance and inspections.

With Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather, your business needs an alarm monitoring service that can withstand any threat against it. MacNet Wireless Alarm Monitoring is the answer. This local alarm monitoring service in Tulsa an OKC provides the reliable, no-hassle protection your business needs to stay safe.