Friday February 24, 2017

Is Your Security System Outdated?

As an Oklahoma business owner, you want the best security possible, but you may wonder whether updating your security system is really that important. How do you know if your existing security system is outdated? Would it be worth the cost to upgrade? At Mac Systems in both Tulsa and OKC, we can help you find answers to those questions and help you have the best and most affordable protection possible. Let’s first look at some tell-tale signs of an outdated system and then see why updating may very well be worth the cost for your business.  

Camera resolution and storage. What is the video quality of your surveillance videos? Low-resolution cameras that result in grainy videos make identifying burglars nearly impossible. Law enforcement officials have commented that poor quality footage is a real problem in many of their cases. Low-resolution videos also provide unclear evidence in cases of employee theft or lability fraud.

With advancements in camera technology, not only are high-quality CCTV cameras now more affordable than ever, but also having multiple cameras is now more cost-effective.  Having enough cameras to properly capture all the major areas of your business is vital for the safety of your personnel and property.  At Mac Systems, we can design and position a system of CCTV cameras that will fully cover all major angles and areas of your business.

Are your cameras still recording on videotapes? These outdated systems make it extremely difficult to review the video footage, wasting time and money. New digital recording systems can easily search specific dates and times across numerous cameras to quickly review suspicious activity, providing a convenient and useful audit trail.

Control, notification, and monitoring. Newer CCTV cameras can be fully integrated with a state-of-the-art control center that allows you to easily keep watch on all areas of your business at all times. For instance, Honeywell’s Total Connectä Remote Services lets you view live video of numerous cameras around your property all from your smartphone or computer. The Total Connectä system can also email you video clips or pictures upon an event or send you instant notifications of flooding, extreme temperature changes, or if motion is detected in specific areas. This technology is not only convenient, but can also save you money by giving you early notice of a costly water leak, property damage, or similar emergency.

Updated electronic security systems also are more difficult for burglars to bypass or deactivate, making you much less vulnerable to an attack. These upgraded systems are also more easily integrated with modern security monitoring services, allowing for the quickest emergency response.

Needed access control integration. Cameras are just one part of a good security system, but having the appropriate access control in place is vital to preventing security incidents. Whether you want to use access cards or biometrics, it’s important to have access control at most points of entry and have them fully integrated with your CCTV security system so that you know exactly who is entering and leaving sensitive areas. Thumb-print scanners and badge card readers are now more affordable than ever. Modern access controls can often run on your existing IT system and integrate with other building services such as lighting or HVAC and thus can make your business run more efficiently.

These integrated systems can also increase your company’s productivity and accountability by integrating badge card access and security cameras with time and attendance systems to let you know exactly who is entering and leaving the premise and when. This prevents employee fraud like “buddy punching” and holds employees more accountable for their actions. With these advanced access control systems, employee permissions can all be changed all at once through a computer, making the business more secure if an employee is let go.

So, does your security system need an update? While many of the features we discussed above seem like convenience options, their affordability, practicality, and return on investment make them a wise choice for many Oklahoma business owners. Security systems that are more than 5 or 10 years old especially may need an evaluation as well as those with low-resolution cameras.

The security system experts at Mac Systems in Tulsa or Oklahoma City would be happy to evaluate your current system to look for outdated technology that could leave you vulnerable and make sure you are up-to-date with all industry standards and regulations for your particular business.